Wisconsin Elections Commission

Spring election day is the perfect opportunity to highlight the work of the Wisconsin Elections Commission and the information they make available to Wisconsin residents. The Wisconsin Elections Commission is responsible for administering and enforcing Wisconsin elections law. They also help keep voters informed through the MyVote Wisconsin webpage by providing information about how voters can find their polling place, view ballots, request an absentee ballot, and register to vote.

The Wisconsin Digital Archives provides access to the publications of the Wisconsin Elections Commission including annual reports and election manuals. Below are just a few examples of titles available in the collection. Click here to see the entire list.

Statistics are available from the Wisconsin Elections Commission webpage about voter turnout from previous partisan and nonpartisan elections in Wisconsin and monthly voter registration by ward, municipality, county, state assembly district, state senate district congressional district and age.

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Voter ID in Wisconsin

Update, 10/10/14: On Thursday, October 9, 2014, the U.S. Supreme Court blocked implementation of Wisconsin’s voter ID law. The Wisconsin Legislative Reference Bureau’s Capitol Headlines Daily for October 10, 2014 has a round-up of news articles about the action: http://legis.wisconsin.gov/lrb/headlines/

On Friday, September 12, 2014, the U.S. 7th Circuit Court of Appeals reinstated Wisconsin’s voter ID law. Photo ID will be required at the November 2014 general election. The Government Accountability Board (GAB) is working to implement the law. Their website provides information for voters and poll workers.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel ran an article about the ruling on September 12, as did other news outlets, including the New York Times and Wall Street Journal.

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