Call for Nominations to GIRT Board

Are you or someone you know looking for an opportunity to work with other docs people? We are looking for people to run for WLA Government Information Round Table board!

I could use this space to spout a bunch of platitudes about what a great group of people the GIRT board is, and how rewarding it is to work with them. And it would all be absolutely true. But I know that everyone is busy, and we all have to be practical about how much time we can commit to activities outside of our daily routines. Most of us have been in a situation where we’ve been convinced to join a group because “you don’t have to do much at all” and it ends up eating up all our spare moments and then some. In answer to those concerns, below is a comprehensive list of everything we ask of our GIRT officers. You will see that it really isn’t a huge time commitment, and when you consider that out of that time commitment, you have the opportunity to get to know others doing similar work in your profession, providing you with contacts for everything from helping with reference questions to informing decisions about managing your collections, you can see that it is well worth the time involved.

The officers we are looking for and the typical time commitments for each:

Vice-chair/chair elect (Vice-chair the first year, Chair the second year): Approximately 10-15 hours each year for two years, mostly between January and June, plus one day in December to attend a WLA Leadership Retreat, and one day in June for Government Information Day, both in Madison

Secretary: Approximately 5-7 hours each year for two years, mostly between January and June, plus Government Information Day in Madison

1 Planning committee member (for a total of 3 planning committee members): Approximately 3-5 hours each year for two years, mostly between January and June, plus Government Information Day in Madison

Outline of activity for a typical year on GIRT board:

Plan and implement Government Information Day (held in Madison on a Friday in late May or early June). This entails selecting and organizing speakers for the day. We generally have 2 presentations from outside the group, and the rest of the day is devoted to updates on the Federal and State Depository programs, short presentations from attendees, and discussions among attendees. We do our best to be responsive to suggestions and evaluations of past programs.

  • The entire board contributes ideas for programs and speakers
  • The Chair invites the speakers and acts as their primary contact person
  • The Chair works with Brigitte in the WLA office to get the online registration set up, and takes charge of on site registrations (picking up the forms along with nametags at the WLA office and returning filled-out forms and any checks to the office)
  • The Chair acts as MC for Government Information Day and prints up the agenda for the day and for the business meeting as well as the survey form.

Select the recipient of the Distinguished Document Award

  • The Vice Chair solicits nominations (via email listservs, etc.) then collects and distributes them to the rest of the board, generally via email
  • Each member of the board evaluates the nominations on their own
  • The entire board meets via conference call to choose the Distinguished Document and any Honorable Mentions
  • The Vice Chair contacts the winners and creates the certificates
  • The Vice Chair presents the Distinguished Document Award at Government Information Day

Solicit nominations for GIRT Board

  • The Vice Chair is in charge of finding people to run for the GIRT Board. Most of the time, board members and others in the government documents community help by offering suggestions


  • Attend 1 business meeting per year at the end of Government Information Day
  • Participate in 2-3 conference calls per year
  • Communicate via email with other board members

Submit program ideas for other WLA conferences, including Annual Conference, WAAL, WAPL, and WEMTA, and Sponsor programs at WLA annual conference. All board members contribute ideas for conference programs.

Post to the GIRT Blog. This year, the board has been rotating primary responsibility for the blog monthly. The person who has primary responsibility is asked to try to post approximately 1 post per week. Others can post any time, and it is not only board members who are encouraged to post.

To volunteer to run for GIRT board, email Eileen Snyder at!