Accessing Agricultural Impact Statements

As our state continues to grow and change, it’s important to have access to information that allows us to be informed residents of Wisconsin. The Wisconsin Digital Archives provides access to agricultural impact statements from 2012 to current that provide information about how development projects around the state impact farmland.

According to the Wisconsin Dept. of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection(DATCP), agricultural impact statements (AIS) are prepared for public projects that involve acquiring farmland through outright purchase or easements. AIS analyze the economic impact on individual farms, identify the acreage potentially lost or affected, and convey land owner concerns.

Project initiators include local governments, state agencies, and private companies building utilities. Public projects include roads, airports, electric transmission lines, pipelines, parks and wastewater treatment plants.

AIS are required when the project initiators have condemnation authority and the project will take more than 5 acres from any one farm, regardless of land ownership. An AIS may be prepared when a project would significantly affect a farm, even if it take five acres or less from any one farm, or the project is located within the boundaries of a city of village, but would still significantly affect a farm.

As AIS become available, they will be added to the Wisconsin Digital Archives. Search by format using the term ‘Agricultural Impact Statements’ to see all AIS available in the collection. For more information on searching the Wisconsin Digital Archives use the Search Tips Guides online.

Post written by: Abby Swanton, Resources for Libraries and Lifelong Learning