Why does the government want to know how many toilets are in my house?

There’s a battle in Congress over funding the Census, and especially the American Community Survey (ACS), which asks a subset of U.S. residents a LOT of questions (currently, 72) about housing, education, income, internet and energy usage, to name a few topics.  On Tuesday, June 16, Wisconsin Public Radio’s Kathleen Dunn Show devoted an hour to the Census, in a program called Why the Census Matters.  Dunn’s guest was Phil Sparks, co-founder of the advocacy organization The Census Project.  The radio program is a good introduction to the Census long form, sampling, and how it evolved into the American Community Survey.  It’s also interesting to hear what people who don’t work regularly with the Census–people like the radio host, and callers to the show–think about the Census.  The program was inspired in part by an article, Republicans Try to Curtail the Census, on the Atlantic Monthly‘s website on June 9, 2015.  The Atlantic piece referred to this article, Will a kinder, gentler census survey placate congressional foes?, posted on Science’s website on April 28, 2015.

Have you heard from your users one way or another on reduced funding for the Census, or making the ACS optional?



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