Government Information Day 2015 Round Up, Part I

Government Information Day was held on Friday, May 29, 2015, in Madison. The conference was well-attended, with approximately 30 participants. For the afternoon program, we asked fellow GIRT members to submit ideas for short (20 min.) talks, sharing interesting resources or practices that they use in their daily work, that they think others might find useful. This “best practices exchange” format allowed for discussion between the audience and the presenters, and we hope it helped broaden everyone’s knowledge of what’s happening around the state, as well as presenting useful ideas. Presentation summaries and/or links to PowerPoint slides for the afternoon sessions can be found below.

Wisconsin Document Depository Program (WDDP) Update, Abby Swanton, WDDP Coordinator, Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction: PowerPoint slides

County Legal Resources Database, Carol Hassler, Web Services Librarian at the Wisconsin State Law Library: PDF of PowerPoint slides, handout.

Knowledge sharing at the reference desk with wikis, Lisa Winkler, Outreach Services Librarian at the Wisconsin State Law Library: PDF of PowerPoint slides.

County and municipal Archive-It collections at the Wisconsin Historical Society, Eileen Snyder, Wisconsin Government Publications Librarian, Wisconsin Historical Society: PowerPoint slides.

Part II of the Government Information Day summary will include a description of the program given by Keely Merchant of the Wisconsin Legislative Reference Bureau.



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