Government Information Day 2015

Government Information Day 2015 will take place on May 29, in room 126, Memorial Library on the UW-Madison Campus, and we want to hear from you! For the program this year, we are trying something a little different. We would like to do a “Best Practices Exchange” in which we invite conference attendees to share what they are doing in their libraries. Some suggested topics:

  • Has your library created any libguides or databases on local government, or any other government information topic?
  • Has your library done any digitizing of government information (local or otherwise)?
  • What practices, reference or technical services, do you use in your library to help make your job more efficient?
  • Do you have any news to share with the group regarding government information in your library?
  • Other topic that you would like to share.

We are interested in whatever you want to share – it doesn’t have to be related to technology. We hope that the presentations will foster discussion, and that people will go home with some new ideas to try in their home libraries, as well as a better understanding of what’s going on in other libraries around the state. To submit a presentation idea, simply email

In addition to these presentations, we will have the usual State and Federal Depository updates, an update on the regional depository status reevaluation at UW-Madison, a discussion of future directions for GIRT, and, of course, snacks!

We hope to see you there!

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