Cool historical documents

In the course of a normal week, a lot of really cool and interesting documents come across my desk. Like this one, about vocational education for homemakers*, from the State Board of Vocational and Adult Education, called “Our Homemakers Go To School.”** I love the glimpse into the daily life of the past, or at least the official image of that daily life, that these old documents can sometimes provide.There’s even a paragraph about the 213 men who took homemaking classes in 1947-48 and the reasons they signed up, including “their all-around responsibility to the family unit.”

The whole idea of going to school to learn homemaking seems so dated on the one hand, and yet on the other hand, I can’t help but wonder if my house would be any less chaotic if I had taken homemaking classes.

What cool documents have you run across recently?

*I created this pdf using my smart phone, and an app called TinyScan. There are many apps out there that can help you turn photographs of documents into pdf’s. I have found this to be an extremely useful app, much easier for scanning a few pages than a flatbed scanner.

**Unfortunately, the document does not list a publication date. The text and pictures set it in the late 1940’s, though.