Government and Social Networking

Government agencies have been using social networking tools for years, and the GIRT board has had several discussions about the possibility of creating some kind of list of agency social networking sites. We’ve never quite managed to create such a list because the number of agencies involved, and the number of tools each one uses, makes the job too much for one person. It occurred to me, though, that this blog could allow us to collaborate on creating a list. I’ve gotten the ball rolling below, with a few agencies that have a social networking presence. Please use the comments to contribute other government social networking sites that you think are useful. If we get a substantial number of responses, I’ll compile them into a list that could be used as a handout or the basis of a Libguide.

Wisconsin Legislative Reference Bureau: Twitter – @WILRB (lots of updates on recent legislation); Facebook (generally the same content as Twitter); and YouTube (Oral Histories and some podcasts about some of their publications).

Wisconsin Department of Public Instructions, Resources for Libraries and Lifelong Learning/BadgerLink (items of interest to K-12 educators): Twitter – @WisDPIBadgerLi; Facebook; YouTube.

US Government Accountability Office: Twitter – @usgao (notifications of new reports available); Facebook; YouTube.


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